Welcome to the absurd regulations quiz! We will show you a series of statements. These statements are real regulations in countries of Europe. Try to match each to a country!
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It is forbidden to drink alcohol a day prior to an election. *

It is forbidden to carry scissors unless they are needed for work. *

It is forbidden to play tennis in the streets. *

This country has taxes on bubbles in a champagne *

Shops are not allowed to sell alcohol after 22:00. *

It's prohibited to go to the toilet or to take a shower in an apartment building from 22h to 6h because it makes too much noise. *

You are allowed to drive naked in a car. However, if you get out of the car naked, you risk paying a fine of 40 euros. *

You cannot possess more than 5 liters of honey in your house. *

You are not allowed to go outside without your ID. *

In this country it is illegal to wave flags of nonexistent countries. *

Blasphemy is un-constitutional. *

It is prohibited to install a slot machine in a private bar. *

In this country, a Pizza Napoletana cannot be greater than 37 cm diameter. *

You are required by law to close your car doors quietly during the night. *

It is prohibited to spend the night in a car. *

It's illegal to dance in a bar if the owner didn't apply for a dancing permit. *

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